Once again be welcoming a group of Colorado Christian University Students visiting Lenzie Union from 24th March to 1st April. This link with CCU has gone back over a decade now, and we look forward to welcoming this year’s team to our church. Throughout the week, they will be participating in church youth groups and church activities, as well as sharing their stories of faith in God. 


Join them in the New Hall:                Age

Sat 25th      5.30 “Big Saturday”         All

Sat 25th       8.00 Games Night           S1+

Sun 26th      7.00 Evening Service      All

                      8.15 Youth Night            S1+

Sat 1st          7.30 Youth Night            S1+

Thurs 30th  3.45 Youth Café             S1+


CCU will be around Lenzie all week Feel free to introduce yourself.


For more information check: 

Facebook @lenzieunionyouth       Instragram @lenzieunionyouth

 Twitter @LenzieUnion