As View goes to press, there’s new opportunity at Lenzie Union to reach deeper into the Lord’s Prayer, and there’s a warm invitation for everyone to join in.

Between March and May several groups will be meeting roughly every fortnight to explore The Lord’s Prayer.   The idea is to be relaxed and informal, so several people have volunteered to host them in their homes. To give flexibility, groups will meet at different times in the week.

Each group will be using the same six part guide to The Lord’s Prayer. It’s from the ‘Pilgrim’ resource from the Church of England, which has been widely praised for giving new insights, but also space to ask questions and share from people’s own experience.

Exploring: The Lord’s Prayer is for everyone. Whether we’ve been following Jesus for decades or for months, The Lord’s Prayer is for all his disciples.

A disciple is someone who is learning from their teacher and the words of the prayer were Jesus’ answer to the request of his first twelve disciples: ‘Lord, teach us to pray’. (Luke 11:1)