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Christian Aid

"Fighting for a world free of poverty and injustice" "Christian Aid is a Christian organisation that insists the world can and must be swiftly changed to one where everyone can live a full life, free from poverty. We work globally for profound change that eradicates the causes of poverty, striving to achieve equality, dignity and freedom for all, regardless of faith or nationality. We are part of a wider movement for social justice. We provide urgent, practical and effective assistance where need is great, tackling the effects of poverty as well as its root causes." For further information about the work of Christian Aid, please visit their website:

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  CrossReach is the Church of Scotland Social Care Council providing social care services in Christ’s name Every day of the year it provides support to thousands of people throughout Scotland through its many residential and day care services - supporting the homeless; caring for those with learning disabilities or with mental health problems; supporting older people and those with dementia; a range of services help those who have problems with substance misuse; giving counselling and support where needed; providing support for children and families; supporting those caught up in the criminal justice system.   Lenzie Union is involved with fund-raising for CrossReach each year by the purchase of Christmas cards and Calendars.   So watch out for the information in Up-Date about how to order your supplies from your Congregational Contact Check it out on the CrossReach website:


Operation Mobilisation

'Transforming lives and communities' Purpose of OM: Operation Mobilisation works in more than 110 countries, motivating and equipping people to share God's love with people all over the world. OM seeks to help plant and strengthen churches, especially in areas of the world where Christ is least known. More information about Operation Mobilisation (OM) can be found on their website:

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Tearfund (Created)

"Tearfund’s call is to follow Jesus where the need is greatest. We do whatever it takes to end poverty and rebuild poor communities. We work through local churches, because they're Jesus’ body on earth, ready to care for the whole person - and the whole community - inside and out." Find out more about the work of Tearfund Scotland on their website, Facebook page and Twitter page. Our church supports Tearfund's Toilet Twinning Project. Look out for certificates in our twinned toilets and spot which countries we are twinned with! These toilets were twinned with support from pupils at Lenzie Academy, Lenzie Moss and Millersneuk S.U. groups. Our Tearfund representative at Lenzie Union is Janet Dickson. Contact her for further information, or to request a 'Created' stall at your event.

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